What advocacy can we provide?

Having someone on your side can make all the difference.

My family and I found ourselves faced with the grim reality that the health institution in which we had literally “placed our lives” was not fully on our side. Unfortunately, by the time we realised this, permanent damage had been done.

So many ‘if only’’ thoughts raced through our minds. If only we’d asked more questions, been less trusting, and been more forthright about the options put to us.

If only we had found someone to guide us through.

We did eventually find support and are indebted to the individuals and organisations who aided us. Now we are applying our experience and professional skills to successfully advocate for others.

We can advocate for you.

Obstacles and unyielding bureaucratic barriers are common across the health sector. But they aren’t impossible to overcome.

For example, when members of our wider family were seeking to address the care needs of ageing parents, individuals and relationships were placed under significant strain. We were able to help them complete a residential development that brought three generations of the family together to live independently and age in place.

With the right approach, services such as NDIS, MyAged Care, Centrelink and the public health system can be made to work for individuals and their families.

We can help you navigate the services you require.

We are committed to supporting the Blood Cancer Survivor Community, as well as other individuals and families who, due to circumstance and disadvantage, are not able to advocate strongly for themselves.


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