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There’s always a way forward.

Whether you’re just starting out, established, or at some other point of your working life, challenges come in all forms.

Highly experienced in corporate, SME and small business environments, I know what it takes to reinvent a career in the face of changing conditions.  As a blood cancer survivor, I have faced catastrophic difficulties in finding my way back to professional life.

Forging your path to success can be a daunting task. But with the right help, it doesn’t have to be so hard.

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  • Overcome Life’s Setbacks
  • Re-Energise Your Career
  • Gain Personal Focus
  • Realise Your Potential


From consulting and coaching to advocacy, I offer a range of services that I tailor to your specific needs—giving you a strategy for success so you can be on the way to realising your potential.

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Get clarity on your career and personal goals.

With lived experience, deep industry knowledge and diverse networks, I empower you to progress your professional and personal life.

Professionally: this includes improving your leadership skills, your capacity to work effectively with others and your ability to respond to challenges head-on.

Personally: I provide holistic support for people navigating sensitive issues related to disablement, mental health, ageing and family.

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Let’s talk. I get a sense of where you’re at and what you want to do.


I provide a proposal tailored to you with a clear strategy and transparent fees.


The journey begins. I partner with you and help you find your success.

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What my clients say

Graham is a consummate professional who I am privileged to call a trusted associate. He has high integrity and can be relied upon to give outstanding customer service.

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Graham has been a key partner during my long career transition journey. He has provided valuable assistance, guidance and advice well beyond the specific scope of the mission. He has also opened his network to me and created the space for new opportunities. I am very grateful to have worked with him.

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I met Graham during my transition phase, after working in the USA for six years. Graham understood my situation and made it personal. Graham has an incredible persona about him. He truly listened to my situation and responded with professionalism throughout. Graham’s ability to communicate and empower is nothing short of first class. I left sessions feeling inspired. He was a great person to have on my side. I’m very grateful for his advice over the years and the continued support.

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Your success is my success

I’m on your side and help you recognise your value and transferable skills, create the space for new opportunities, and put your best foot forward—regardless of your career or personal obstacles.

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